We enhance customer relationships by intersecting humans and AI – with order accuracy exceeding 99% and quicker response times than anyone. Period.

Complex orders, customer interruptions, background noise, accents, and more – It’s virtually impossible for any of our competitors’ to compete with how we intersect humans + AI software.
Think of our software as an autonomous car with a driver in the passenger seat taking control when needed.
Rather than using robotic sounding computer generated voices, we utilize tens of thousands of human recorded words and scripts to create a natural and life-like experience for your customers.
Our platform can perform communications via, phone, text, kiosk, drive-throughs by integrating with nearly any purchase ordering system

Some competitors stage their calls by editing out delays & showcase simple orders. We don’t…

Simple orders such as a pepperoni pizza may be taken with ease – but introduce any complexity and it’s virtually impossible for our competitors to get the order right. If your customers are irritated by their IVR experience, it may harm your brand.

No hiring, turnover, workers comp, holidays, sick days or training – one low rate covers it all.

Order By Text

Capture an entirely new market of customers who prefer not to use a phone or online apps. It’s so simple & easy that grandma can make an order.

Text Marketing

For customers who opt-in, we’ll send them specials based on any criteria you establish including hourly/daily, birthday’s or if they haven’t ordered from you in a certain period of time.

Customer Referrals

Our AI will ask customers if they’d like to refer a friend with an incentive designed by you.

No Missed Orders

Approximately 10% of orders during peak times are lost due to long hold times. For every 30 seconds of hold time, customers expect a $2.00 discount.


Your AI is programmed to suggest upsells which the customer is most likely to purchase and keeps a history of items they explicitly dislike: IE: Garlic sticks

Reduce Labor Costs

No hiring, workers comp, holidays, sick days or training – one low rate covers it all.


For those customers who are uncomfortable with ordering via Shay, we’ll automatically direct them back to your store.